Increase in alternator output

22 June 2001

Increase in alternator output

By Andy Collings

STANDARD alternators often have their work cut out when it comes to charging batteries which power many electrical devices, says Merlin Equipment.

The Dorset-based firm has now introduced a range of alternators designed to meet the power demands of farm vehicles fitted with a range of equipment such as beacons, computers and lighting.

Rated at 12, 24 and 36 volts, the manufacturer claims Balmar alternators develop 35% more output than standard or factory fit generators.

The alternators have fully coated internal components, hand-wound stators and heavy-duty bearings.

A further advantage of the alternators, says Merlin, is their ability to charge high-capacity battery banks from engines running at low rpm.

For those wishing to use a split charging system, Merlin can supply alternators with twin outputs.

Rather than using a blocking diode or split charge relay, the alternators eliminate the need for an external split charging system.

Available with a selection of lug mounting brackets, the Balmar alternators are priced from £200. &#42

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