IOB gives nod for newcomers to barley list

15 June 2001

IOB gives nod for newcomers to barley list

LEONIE and Cellar malting barleys have gained provisional approval from the Institute and Guild of Brewing for the coming season.

Encouraging micro-scale trials secured provisional approval in the south for winter variety Leonie. Meanwhile, successful brewing and distilling trials saw spring variety Cellar receive provisional approval for all regions.

Halcyon, Derkado and Delibes have been dropped from the approved list. &#42

IOB approved barleys


Winter Regina, Fanfare, Pearl,

Leonie (prov)

Spring Optic, Chariot,

Decanter (prov),

Tavern (prov), Cellar



Winter Regina

Spring Optic, Chariot, Prisma,

Chalice, Decanter,

Chime (prov), Cellar


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