Its an easy way to add magnesium

10 April 1998

Its an easy way to add magnesium

CUT the risk of grass staggers and milk fever with a liquid feed or block and save the chore of feeding a magnesium supplement every day, says Rumenco.

Its new range includes two molasses-based blocks, Supalick Dairymag XL and Ultramag XL – for dairy or suckler cows – that are said to save labour while offering a high level of magnesium and other main minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Blocks of 50kg should last 20 cattle about 10 days, adds Rumenco.

The liquid feeds, Rumag Sugalic and Rumag Regular, offer specific magnesium salts which provide rapid availability for high risk situations, says the company. Rumag Sugalic combines sugars and magnesium, while Rumag Regular is a blend of cereal and sugar processing syrups, it adds.

Each 50kg Dairymag block costs £36.50, Ultramag blocks are £23.50. Rumag Regular costs 26p/litre and Rumag Sugalic is 30p/litre (01283-511211, fax 01283-511013).

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