JD suspension in evaluation

16 November 2001

JD suspension in evaluation

A PROTOTYPE rear axle suspension system is currently being evaluated by John Deere.

Displayed for the first time at Agritechnica on the rear end of the companys 8020 tractor, the unit allows for a vertical movement of about 25cm (10in).

Arms connecting the wheel hub to the tractor create a parallel linkage allowing the wheel to remain with its track in contact with the ground. Predictably, the suspension system calls for the half shafts from the differential to be split with a universal joint.

In operation, the system draws its suspension from a hydraulic ram which employs a gas accumulator – one for each wheel with ride level automatically adjusted in terms of the weight being carried at the rear of the tractor – a heavy mounted plough for example.

Further details of the system remain scant with John Deere seemingly reluctant to explain its finer working or what such a system may mean for future maximum road speeds.

Majoring on 8020 series tractors, models fitted with rear suspension should be available early next year, says the maker. &#42

Rear suspension for John Deere 8020 Series tractors. The company is currently evaluating its performance.

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