Job losses with restructuring

8 December 2000

Job losses with restructuring

ABN Feeds Division has announced a £2m rationalisation programme as margins continue to tighten in the animal feed sector.

Restructuring includes closing one operating region, leaving the company with just two – one in the north and one in the south.

"This is removing a level of management structure and will not affect field sales service," said the divisions managing director Chris Peck.

ABN feed production will remain evenly split between pig and poultry, despite the changes.

The company will also close the Yorks-based Cranswick mill in April 2001, and has taken steps to centralise laboratory testing at its Banbury site by the end of this year.

Raw material buying and finance functions will all be concentrated at Peterborough by March 2001.

These moves will also result in 85 redundancies, with job losses occurring in all three sites. &#42

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