Kit sets trend for sprayer washing

11 June 1999

Wheely safe and easy on tractors

THE Wheelcarter – a device which enables tractor wheels to be changed in a safe and convenient manner – has been updated. Recognising that, since its initial design, tyres and wheels have become larger and heavier, Wheelcarter, the manufacturer, has made some notable changes.

Apart from a general beefing up of the units construction, the main improvement has been to incorporate two sets of triple rollers on each side, rather than double rollers – an arrangement which helps with wheel rotation when lining up holes with studs.

The unit is said to be particularly useful when changing ballasted, wide tyres and heavy, narrow row crop wheels.

Prices for the light and heavy duty models are £1350 and £1650 respectively. (01353-776197).

Another supplier for garden tools

LANDSCAPERS and gardeners in the market for hand tools now have Countax to add to their list of potential suppliers.

The company has expanded into this sector with a range of Echo products including pole saws, secateurs, and hedge and lopping shears.

The Echo pole saw weighs in at 2.1kg and is fitted with a telescoping handle giving a reach of up to 5.2m, depending on choice of blade, which incorporates a bark stripper and hook.

Two models are available: LPB-40 with 1.6mm tooth blade £95.20 and LPB-47 with 1.5mm tooth blade £95.95 (01844-278800).

Powder prepacker range powers in

LATEST powder/granule prepackers from Portsdown Engineering come with capacities of 0.5cu ft, 5cu ft and 7.5cu ft, and load cells of 0-1kg, 0-10kg and 0-25kg, respectively.

All units use a single-phase power supply to drive electro-magnetic feeders at variable coarse and trickle feed settings, with units with 10cm feeders supplied on substantial benches.

Price of a 5cu ft model £2950 (01329-232300).

Kit sets trend for sprayer washing

IN-FIELD washdowns for sprayers looks like becoming a regular operation, following the introduction of recent groundwater legislation. It follows then, that sprayer washdown kits will be increasingly on offer from manufacturers.

Latest contender is G & AE Wilson, Sprayer Sales and Equipment which has introduced a unit designed to be attached to a sprayers frame. With a 70-litre tank and 5m of hose as standard – a 12m hose can be specified – the pump is powered by a 12V electric motor. Cabling for connection to the vehicles electrical system is included.

Other fittings include a wash-off pistol with snap fitting. Price of the standard washdown kit for retro fitting is £320. (01904-738533).

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