8 June 2001


Our Trolley Watchers have

been out again, monitoring

prices and availability in

supermarkets. A scarcity of

British lamb was remarked

upon by some, while the

labelling debate again occupied

the minds of others

LABELLING practices have again been in the firing line this month, with consumers left uncertain as to products country of origin.

"It is all very confusing," says Carole Muddiman of Brackley, Northants. She bought a pack of Co-op back bacon, bearing the British Meat Quality Standard mark on the front, only to read in the small print on the underside that it was "cured in EU, using EU pork packed in UK".

This raised questions, therefore, as to whether the meat was produced in Britain – or if it was reared elsewhere and merely packed here? "Does packed in UK turn this into British meat?" she asks.

A spokesman for the Co-op insisted that any product bearing the British Meat Quality Standard will be British meat, regardless of the EU reference on the back of the pack.

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