Lamb advertising campaign launched

30 August 2001

Lamb advertising campaign launched

By FWi staff

THE Meat and Livestock Commission has launched a 2.7 million advertising campaign in a bid to boost lamb consumption.

Export restrictions as a result of the foot-and-mouth epidemic mean that there will be a surplus of 1.5 million lambs coming onto the domestic market.

The industry would like to see these lamb eaten by consumers rather than being put into the Welfare Disposal Scheme which the government has set up.

MLC research has shown that although consumers are aware of F&M, they want to see a return to normality.

We are aiming to restore that normality through the emotional approach – the long running Recipe for Love, said MLC marketing manager Chris Lamb.

A traditional advertisement has been reworked where a family comes together for a traditional Sunday lunch to be presented with a quiche.

In the end frame this is then replaced with a roast leg of lamb, he added.

The campaign, which starts on 3 September and runs until mid-October, will also involve PR activity with retailers and independent butchers.

The Tim Nice but Dim adverts will also be re-run in order to point out the value of lamb as a convenient mid-week meal.

Mr Lamb said the MLC was expecting that the government would agree to match-fund the 2.7 million once Brussels had given state aid clearance.

This would allow us to take the programme forward to the early part of 2002, said Mr Lamb.

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