Lamb lift after crisis year

15 February 2002

Lamb lift after crisis year

Improving lamb prices at last bring a little good news for sheep producers. Over the last year in particular they have needed the genes of the toughest hill ewe to endure the litany of crises befalling the industry.

Foot-and-mouth, movement restrictions, low lamb prices and negative publicity surrounding scrapie have all conspired to make the difficult life of sheep producers even tougher.

Ironically, it is probably the massive F&M culling last year, leading to lamb shortages, which could spell a reversal in remaining sheep producers fortunes. However, it will take more than a temporary blip to secure the industrys long term future.

In this Update, we look at one example of how innovative thinking could help put lamb – often preferred by the older generation – back on the menus of young, busy consumers.

Talking of busy, lambing time is upon us again. One of the contributors in this Update was somewhat surprised to discover a New Zealand sheep producer whose ewes lamb so easily that he goes on holiday at lambing time. I wonder how many British flockmasters would love to do the same?

For those staying close to home, we have the latest on tried and tested ways to combat lambing related diseases and management of terminal sire cross ewes, present in higher numbers on many farms this year due to a shortage of Mules.

On these dark cold winter days it is good to have something to look forward to. With this in mind, we take a look at shearing equipment so you can be well prepared for those hot summer days not too far around the corner.

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AI and ET surge 8

Feeding bigger ewes 10

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Edited by Marianne Curtis

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