Lantra cash to boost training

4 June 1999

Lantra cash to boost training

BETTER access to training is one benefit farmers and their staff can expect following Lantras success in securing almost £700,000 of European social funding, says the organisation.

Lantra (formerly ATB Landbase), the national training organisation for the land-based sector, says the money will fund three areas.

It will support investment in training by land-based businesses, so employers may not need to meet the full cost of an employee attending a registered training course. This support will concentrate on skills development in technology and safe working practices.

It will also help improve training standards by funding continued professional development courses for instructors.

Finally, in partnership with the Health and Safety Executive, Lantra will promote training as one of the best ways to learn good health and safety through mailshots to over 200,000 agricultural holdings. &#42

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