Last chance to join our growing lobby

31 August 2001

Last chance to join our growing lobby

WANT a public inquiry into foot-and-mouth? Then dont miss your last opportunity to support our campaign, Say Yes to a Public Inquiry.

For the past seven weeks, we have invited readers to sign our petition and to encourage family, friends and acquaintances to do likewise. In that time weve gathered a total of more than 9000 signatures from people who believe only a full public inquiry will provide reliable answers about the origins and handling of foot-and-mouth.

We also teamed up with regional newspapers Western Morning News in Plymouth, Western Mail in Cardiff and The Journal from Newcastle and leading country sports magazine Horse&Hound.

New campaigner

Latest to join the campaign is The Citizen in Gloucestershire. Its editor Spencer Feeney commented: "The inquiries the government are proposing are not enough. It looks suspiciously like a cover-up and illustrates the governments refusal to take rural and agricultural concerns seriously."

So far, the titles together have collected 42,000 signatures but we need more. Please dont miss this opportunity to make your voice heard. Simply sign the form below and encourage others to pledge their support to force this government to hold what the nation needs, deserves and demands – a full public foot-and-mouth inquiry.

We will deliver all the signatures direct to No 10 Downing Street in the autumn.

Meanwhile, the Countryside Alliance which is backing our campaign, has also pledged its support for a national petition to parliament calling for a public inquiry into foot-and-mouth crisis.

The purpose of that petition is to persuade parliament to debate the matter and ensure the granting of a public inquiry, explained Alliance chief executive Richard Burge.

"Its important that members sign this and the petition which is being run by FARMERSWEEKLY, Horse&Hound and regional papers because they have different audiences. One is to be presented to the prime minister, the latest one will be formally presented to parliament," said Mr Burge.

See next weeks issue for more details of how the two petitions will bring even more pressure to bear on government. &#42

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