Late year surprises some

7 February 1997

Late year surprises some

Frosty nights have meant very little change to the T-sum picture this week. No areas have reached T-200 yet and only five squares, coloured orange, are forecast to achieve 200 by next weeks issue. A further 19 yellow squares will get there within a fortnight but most of Britain will have to wait at least two weeks before spreading can start.

Farmers have already started calling the FARMERS WEEKLY/Kemira hotline and are surprised at having to wait this year. With the run of early years recently it may seem unusual that this year looks set to be a little later than average.

It is worth remembering that T-sum arrives earlier in coastal regions – within five miles of the sea – and coastal parts of Northern Ireland and south-west England will just about reach T-200 by today. Altitude also plays a part so if your farm is significantly lower than others in your locality, T-sum will arrive earlier than forecast. If in doubt, ring the hotline.

Finally, remember that T-sum is used to identify the first time that nitrogen fertiliser can be used efficiently on ryegrass. It is not suitable for fertilising cereals where growth stage should be the guide.

For up-to-date information on your local T-sum, call the FARMERS WEEKLY/Kemira hotline on 0151-3575631.

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