Latest photos: Nightmare continues for flood-hit farmers

For farmers in the Somerset Levels where flooding has hit hardest, there’s no let-up from the heavy rain and gales.

Farmers are battling against the elements moving stock to safety and desperately try to find dry feed. The situation is only getting worse, with the Environment Agency issuing two new severe flood warnings one for the Fordgate and Northmoor area and the second for the A361 from East Lyng to Burrowbridge.

See the latest photos of flooded farms and farmland below.

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  • A sign reading Dredge the river
    Somerset floot hit residents let their feelings be known (c) Rex/Ed Stone
  • Cattle in flooded shed
    Cattle in two feet of water in Fordgate, Somerset (c) Rex/Ed Stone
  • A rescue worker carries a goat
    A rescue worker carries livestock to safety on a farm in Somerset (c) Rex/Ed Stone
  • Pumps working on the River Parrett
    Pumps work overtime on the River Parrett in Somerset (c) Rex/Ed Stone
  • Tractor in flood water Somerset
    A tractor grounded in flood water in Somerset (c) Rex/LondonPictureNews
  • Sign reading Army?We need the navy
    A sign in Somerset Levels says it all (c) Rex/LondonPictureNews
  • Flooded fields in Somerset
    An aerial shot of flooded fields in Somerset Levels (c) Rex/Ed Stone
  • St Michaels church on the top of Burrow Mump overlooking floods
    The ruin of St Michaels church on the top of Burrow Mump overlooks the devastation (c) REX-AndrewParsons
  • Flooding sign
    A sign understates the situation in Somerset (c) REX-TimRooke

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