Leading US sires semen in the UK

15 March 2002

Leading US sires semen in the UK

SIKKEMA Star Air Magna, the number two sire on the US TPI rankings is available in the UK through Semen World.

Magna (daughter pictured) offers a complete outcross pedigree to UK breeders of Ellbank Airliner x Exranco Thor – neither sires were ever available in Europe, says the company.

According to Holstein USA, he is the highest combined fat and protein sire at more than +2.00 PTA type. His UK interbull proof shows +819kg of milk, +28kg of fat, +23kg of protein and a type merit of +1.51. He has a PIN of £58 and a PLI of £64.

His daughters performance suggests he will sire tall, strong and deep-ribbed cows. They also walk well, says Semen World. Semen costs £36/dose (0800-1613371, 01691-831615). &#42

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