Leave nasty taste for pig tail biters

3 March 2000

Leave nasty taste for pig tail biters

TERMINATE tail biting with Bitex anti-biting spray, says manufacturer Nutec.

Bitex contains an astringent to reduce bleeding, a dye to enable identification of injured pigs and a nasty tasting ingredient to prevent damaged areas being bitten again.

The company recommends spraying the solution on pigs target biting areas such as ears, flanks, vulvas and tails for two days prior to stressful periods such as mixing.

When biting occurs on untreated pigs, it advises spraying Bitex on the injured area twice in the first 24 hours then again, 12-24 hours later.

Bitex costs £4 for a 500ml spray bottle (01543-306306, fax 01543-306307).

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