Less-stress subsoiler

1 September 2000

Less-stress subsoiler

PULLING a subsoiler can often require lots of front end ballast to maintain four wheel drive traction in sticky going conditions.

To reduce stress and strain on the tractor, Cambs-based Richard Stocks has developed a front-mounted subsoiler which works in combination with the companys rear mounted three leg version.

Called the StocksLift Front Subsoiler, the implement is designed to place even weight distribution over the length of tractor chassis.

The subsoiler comprises a heavy duty headstock suitable for a category 2 linkage mounted on a crossbeam with crank adjustable depth wheels.

Lincs growers C Neville & Son tried the combination out on a 140hp John Deere 6910. "The single leg creates enough draft to hold the tractor front end level, eliminating the pitching movement encountered with a single rear-mounted subsoiler," says farm manager Stuart Foster. "The front subsoiler has enabled us to remove 1t of front end weight, reducing wheelslip and ground compaction."

Mr Foster also believes his linkages 3t lift capacity is sufficient to lift the subsoiler out of the ground, with a swivel leg system allowing the tractor to make gentle turns in the field.

Price of the StocksLift Front Subsoiler is £2346. &#42

The StocksLift Front Subsoiler from Richard Stocks can be used in combination with the companys rear-mounted three-leg version.

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