Lets get Irish FWCup and running

13 November 1998

Lets get Irish FWCup and running

A CHANCE conversation with farmer Doreen Swan at the Royal Highland Show led me to go to the Irish Ploughing Match at Ferns, Co Wexford this year.

On the first morning there was a beautiful sunrise over the Irish Sea – the calm before the storm of the next day.

As the song goes "When Irish eyes are smiling, sure the world seems bright and gay" – well there were masses of smiling faces in spite of the traditional ploughing match weather. At one stage on the Wednesday the winds were so high and the mud so thick I thought that I was going to end my days flying through the air in a Portaloo and crash land in the quagmire.

I met many people interested in what Farm Womens Club has to offer and I am thrilled to know that Doreen is willing to be a contact leader in spite of being recently widowed and carrying on running the family farm. As she says, we all need an outlet away from hard work.

So come on you friendly Irish folk – get in touch with me and well arrange our first FWC meeting in Eire either just before Christmas or early in the New Year. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, which in these tough times is rare.

Jean Howells

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