Lightswitch offers £3000 rebates

5 November 1999

Lightswitch offers £3000 rebates

UK farms and small and medium-sized businesses can receive a rebate of up to £3000 on property lighting under a new government-funded initiative known as Lightswitch.

Available through the Controls Rebate Scheme, the rebate is intended to refund businesses up to half of the costs of installing more efficient lighting.

The rebate will be open to businesses with a maximum of 250 staff with turnovers less than £25m, says Lightswitch manager Anthony Heywood.

"UK businesses are wasting £0.5bn every year by using lighting inefficiently," he says. "The average farm can save up to 40% on its annual energy bills by taking simple measures to upgrade lighting or control systems (0870-513 3538).


Typical energy saving measures under the initiative will include the use of timer switches and activity sensors to help ensure lights are only on when needed. For further information on the initiative contact 0870-513 3538.

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