Livestock sector restructures itself

05 May 1998

Livestock sector restructures itself

THE livestock sector appears to be restructuring itself without government assistance, writes The Scotsman.

This is being done by either retiring, stopping capital investment, laying off staff, or going contracting.

Jack Cunningham, agriculture minister, announced before Christmas that the government wanted to consult farming on restructuring the sector.

But The Scotsman says that the problem for the government is that the sector is restructuring for its own benefit. It says that rather than be left with a lean industry staffed with young and dynamic businessmen, the government will find an industry that has gone into hibernation.

Meanwhile, farmers unions have given the governments proposals for early retirement for livestock farmers a qualified welcome.

They want them extended to all sectors of the industry. They also want all those farmers who would like to leave the industry to be able to do so with dignity.

  • The Scotsman 05/05/98 page 26

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