Long-hair and a velvet look

7 August 1998

Long-hair and a velvet look

WEIMARANERS coats look more like velvet than hair in a colour which is almost impossible to describe and is never seen on other breeds. So what was this beautiful silvery grey colour doing on the long-haired dog in the parade of gundogs at the CLA Game Fair?

Apparently it is all due to a recessive gene, and Pondridge Paper Moon is no imposter but a full blooded Weimaraner with the distinction of a long coat – an uncommon sight in Britain.

The 10-year-old bitch is owned by Jill Smith from Horley, Surrey who bought her and another long-haired pup in Austria and has bred two champions.

"We have always kept Weimaraners but now only have the long-haired type. They are not a separate breed, all are registered as Weimaraners although we like to indicate they are long-haired on the papers, " says Jill, adding that at dog shows in Germany 50% of Weimaraners are usually long-haired.

Whatever the coat, pups here tend to cost around £400 and make brilliant workers which hunt, point and retrieve.

Tessa Gates

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