Losses for Scots grain co-op

By FWi staff

LATEST accounts for East of Scotland Farmers show a loss of 68,000 in the financial year to 31 May.

This highlights he difficulties still afflicting the industry in Scotland.

Rumours abound about a possible amalgamation of eight of Scotlands grain marketing co-operatives.

East of Scotland turnover fell almost 6% on the year to 6.45 million for 1999/2000, mainly due to a fall of about 5000 tonnes to 38,000 tonnes in the grain handled.

The 68,000 loss compares with a profit of 29,000 in 1998/99 and is attributed in the annual report to lower margins and the move by farmers to cut their inputs on arable crops.

A dividend of 6% has been recommended by the board for the co-operatives 300-or-so members.

Meanwhile, EoSF is understood to be one of the eight grain marketing co-ops involved in discussions about forming a single organisation to handle a combined grain pool of at least 300,000 tonnes a year.

A formal announcement is expected early next month.

Everyone in the trade remains tight-lipped about details of the link.

But it is believed that the eight organisations involved in talks are Highland Grain, Aberdeen Grain, Border Grain, EoSF, Northern Grain, Kelso Grain, Eildon Grain and Tayforth.

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