M&S feed list aims to end GM confusion

By Farmers Weekly staff

MARKS & Spencer is to take the confusion out of deciding whether animal feeds are non-genetically modified for its producer-suppliers.

Speaking this week, the companys Chris Brown said M&S was working with feed companies to produce a full list of approved ingredients.

“We are entering into a dialogue with feed manufacturers and importers to resolve the need for producers to spend time quizzing feed companies over whether feed is non-GM.”

The discussions will let the company produce a full list of M&S-approved animal feeds. Any new potential feed ingredient will be considered against this framework, said Dr Brown.

He anticipates that by autumn – when M&S suppliers must exclude GM feed from all livestock rations – producers will be able to approach their feed supplier to check whether feeds meet the companys approval.

“There will be no cost implications for producers switching to non GM feeds,” he said.

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