MAFF postpones early retirement scheme

29 July 1998

MAFF postpones early retirement scheme

By FWi staff

AGRICULTURE minister Nick Brown has postponed the early retirement scheme aimed at helping hard-pressed farmers leave the livestock industry.

Replying to a written Parliamentary question which asked the newly appointed minister what his spending plans were, Mr Brown said that the next three years would be a period of transition for UK farmers

“I have decided, however, not to introduce at this stage an early retirement scheme for farmers,” he said.

“While the response to our consultation showed clear support for the principle of an early retirement scheme, the limitations imposed by the current EU rules were regarded by the majority of respondents as inappropriate to the UK and a major bar to uniform and effective uptake.”

The scheme had proposed paying farmers about £25,000 each to retire early from livestock farming, which has suffered heavy losses in the aftermath of the BSE crisis.

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