MAFF to cull offspring of BSE-infected cattle

29 July 1998

MAFF to cull offspring of BSE-infected cattle

By FWi staff

AGRICULTURE Minister Brown has followed his announcement of radical MAFF spending by announcing the compulsory slaughter of the offspring of BSE-infected cattle born after 1 August, 1996.

The offspring cull is expected begin next month and will involve an extimated 12,000 animals. This takes into account the low levels of maternal transmission of BSE and is seen as a key issue to winning EU for lifting the Beef export ban.

The EU commission has argued that the proposed date-based export scheme – which would allow the export of beef from cattle born after 1 August, 1996 – could not be agreed until the offsring cull is completed .

Former farm minister Jack Cunningham had said that the cull would not start until the date-based scheme would be approved. Compensation will be based on the market value of the cull cattle.

Mr Brown said his aim was for British beef to be accepted as the safest in the world.

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