Markets Farmers set to lose on intervention barley

25 March 1998

Markets — Farmers ‘set to lose on intervention barley’

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    FARMERS stand to lose out on intervention barley because deliveries will only be possible after a Green Pound revaluation, the Home-Grown Cereals Authority believes. – Click here


    WITH only eight days left to the end of the milk year, it appears that everything is under control – at least as far as buying quota is concerned. – Click here


    STERLINGS surge to a nine-year-high against the Deutschmark has promptly killed off any remaining hope of an increase in this seasons wheat price, say grain traders. – Click here


    AFTER a week when the market steadied, the price of imported soyameal eased again when the first shipment of this years South American supplies reached Avonmouth. – Click here


    INCREASED consumer concern over animal welfare appears to be putting the pressure on supermarkets to stop sourcing pigmeat from abroad. – Click here

  • PIGS

    STERLINGS strength means UK pig producers continue to benefit from the lowest feed prices for many years. But the strong Pound is also applying adverse pressure to the domestic pigmeat market. – Click here

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