Martin feared for his life

14 April 2000

Martin ‘feared for his life’

TONY MARTIN, the Norfolk farmer on trial for the murder of a teenage burglar, has given evidence at Norwich Crown Court.

The Express says that Mr Martin told the court that the night he shot 16-year-old Fred Barras was like being in a horror film.

Details of Mr Martins description of the night in question were read out to the court, reports The Times.

Mr Martin said: “When I fired the gun I genuinely thought my life was in danger. A torch was pointed in my face and I didnt know what was behind it.”

According to The Independent, the alleged incident last August was not the first time Mr Martin has fired a gun at a trespasser.

Five years earlier, he discovered a man in an orchard at his Emneth farm, set his dogs on him and fired a shot at the intruders vehicle, the court was told.

Photographs of Mr Martins farm are reproduced in The Daily Telegraph, showing part of the house where intruders are said to have broken in.

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