Mats a must for disease defence

27 February 1998

Mats a must for disease defence

IMPROVE hygiene and defend livestock units against disease with disinfection mats for both people and vehicles, says Quality Equipment.

The mats are manufactured from polyether foam pads enclosed in a hard-wearing woven polypropylene, with small holes to allow disinfectant to squeeze out under pressure, but avoiding splashing.

Vehicle mats of 1.8m by 0.9m (70in by 35in) and 8cm (3.1in) thick are designed to join together using cable ties through the fitted eyelets.

Cost is £90 each for QE Vehicle Mats. Personnel Mats which are 4cm (1.6in) deep are available in three sizes costing from £40 for the 60cm by 90cm (2ft by 3ft) version (01359-240529, fax 01359-242086).

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