MDC service to make milk pricing clear

By Olivia Cooper

INFORMATION designed to put transparency into milk pricing is now available from the Milk Development Council following the launch of its new market information service this week.

MDC Datum aims to provide information to the dairy industry on supply and demand, market conditions and consumer issues of milk and milk products.

This will help sellers achieve prices more in line with dairy markets, says the MDC.

Data will be gathered from a wide range of industry experts, including government organisations and independent consultants. It will then be analysed and commented on by MDC staff.

Many people who could not easily obtain market information will now have access to an up-to-date, accurate, and independent source, said Ken Boyns, head of MDC Datum.

The main service will be provided through a new website,, and a fortnightly dairy market update will be available, with key information to be published in FARMERS WEEKLY.

For further enquiries contact Ken Boyns on (01285) 646500

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