Meal prices to flatten out FAO

Wednesday, 18 February, 1998

By FWi staff

THE steady rise in the price of meal and cake during the past two years is expected to flatten out this year as supplies boom, according to a report released today.

World production of the seven major oil crops is forecast to reach a record 283 million tonnes in 1997/98, predicts the latest report from the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations.

An increase in output of oilseed rape, sunflower seed and cottonseed is forecast to rise faster than consumption of meal and cake.

This weeks statistics from KW Agriculture suggest the fall in protein crop prices has already started. Home produced rapeseed meal fell this week by £5 to £128/ tonne.

Imported soyameal meal dropped £6 to £189 on the back of an expected bumper harvest in South America.

Imported distillers dried meal dropped by £2 to £115/ tonne. Citrus pulp and imported maize gluten both eased by £1 to £73/ tonne and £93/ tonne respectively.

Two ruminant straights rose in price – but only slightly. Palm kernel meal increased by £2 to £70/ tonne and sugar beet pulp edged up by £1 to £89/ tonne.

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