Members keen on plans for SNFU

07 August 1998

‘Members keen on plans for SNFU’

GRASSROOTS members are keen to see the National Farmers Union of Scotland (SNFU) restructured, according to its chief executive.

Ed Rainy Brown, the unions new chief executive, said he had got a positive reaction from visiting a quarter of the 28 SNFU areas explaining the plans.

One of these changes is a reduction to eight regions with decision making devolved to branches. Ayr is the only area to openly oppose the plans.

It appears certain that representation on the regional boards will change from one per branch to a numerical ratio, probably one seat per 100 members. It is also under consideration for the chairman of each region to be made a member of the unions general purposes committee. This would result in a committee of about 20.

There is a suggestion that the committee should remain at its present number of 85 but grassroots opinion favours a reduction, according to Mr Brown. He said the union would become “flatter and more proactive”.

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