MF 8200s to be upgraded

1 March 2002

MF 8200s to be upgraded

MASSEY Fergusons flagship 8200 tractor series will be upgraded with a new range having more powerful engines, stronger axles and a host of performance enhancing features.

The new 8200 Xtra series will be produced at MFs Beauvais factory and have an average of 7.5hp more grunt. This increase in power and torque has been achieved through the design of a new intercooler and improvements to the fuel injection system.

The original 8210 retains the same spec, while the new range kicks off with the 8220 Xtra, which has a 160hp 6cyl Perkins block. All other models use air-to-air intercooled 6cyl Sisu diesel engines.

MF claims smooth transfer of engine power is ensured with the Dynashift Plus 32F x 32R transmission which comes as standard on Xtras 8220, 8240 and 8250. The 18F x 8R Powershift Plus transmission is standard on Xtras 8260, 8270 and 8280.

Further transmission sophistication comes in the form of Speed Matching which automatically selects the correct Dynashift ratio in respect of forward speed when changing gear or range.

To harness the extra power, all tractors sport beefed up front axles, while the Xtra 8270 and 8280 have more modern high pivot versions.

Prices for the 8200 Xtra tractor series are yet to be released. &#42

Size matters… The Massey Ferguson 8200 Xtra series sport more powerful engines and beefier front axles.

Model Engine

8220 Xtra 160hp Perkins

8240 Xtra 175hp Sisu

8250 Xtra 200hp Sisu

8260 Xtra 215hp Sisu

8270 Xtra 240hp Sisu

8280 Xtra 265hp Sisu

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