Milk is worst for allergies

15 May 2000

‘Milk is worst for allergies’

By FWi staff

COW milk and diary produce cause the worst problems for people who are sensitive to what they eat, claims new research.

Medical experts say that one in three adults in the UK suffer from a type of food allergy know as food intolerance.

Of this figure, 55% have problems with cow milk and diary products, says the York Nutritional Laboratory study

Other problem foods include wheat, yeast, and eggs and soya.

Unlike “classical allergies”, the body doesnt react immediately to food intolerance making it more difficult to detect, reports BBC Online.

Researchers at the laboratory are developing new blood tests which will make diagnosing the condition far easier.

According to the scientists, around 70% of people who suffer from food-related illnesses would feel better if they simply eliminated certain foods from their diet.

Food-related illnesses have increase dramatically in recent years, and some experts link food to conditions such as stomach pains, migraines, eczema and asthma.

Researchers found that of those who significantly altered their eating habits, 76% said they felt better in less than 60 days.

Of those who made moderate changes to their diet, 60% reported a “useful improvement” to their well-being.

Some scientists say children are increasingly becoming allergic to everyday substances because they are not being exposed to as many infections in hygienic modern environments.

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