Milk special

Shirley MacMillan, Ian Ashbridge and Andrew Shirley take a look at some of the processors and producers who are using their bottle to get more out of milk in this special report on added-value milk.

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MDC boss thinks big
MDC boss, Liz Broadbent, plans to reverse complacency in the milk industry

Plunge into on-farm processing
A CORNISH family‘s plunge into on-farm processing reaped rich rewards

Take advice on milk marketing
A WELSH milk producer says there‘s no substitute for marketing advice

Market research is key to sales
ON-FARM processing is pointless unless there is a good market for the product

Make your milk different
DIFFERENTIATING your milk from the herd is the key to winning customers

Selenium boost for milk
SELENIUM could provide a good way to boost milk values through health benefits

Arla invest in value
ARLA and Robert Wiseman are investing heavily to produce value-added milk brands

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