Mini-marques map out their manors

10 November 1999

Mini-marques map out their manors

By Donald MacPhail

ZENITH, Central Milk and Meadow Fresh are the three bodies which will replace Milk Marque from 1 April, 2000.

Milk producers in the north, from Cumbria and Northumberland, south to Lincolnshire and across to mid-Wales will sell to Zenith.

Farmer-director John Cook said the new co-op would be a very different organisation from Milk Marque.

He said Zenith would be able to tailor individual contracts to individual customers.

Central Milk, which will handle 1.6 billion litres a year from milk producers from East Anglia to south-west Wales, will be chaired by former Milk Marque chairman Poul Christensen. Paul Beswick will be managing director.

Southern company Meadow Fresh has yet to appoint a chief executive.

Its board of directors comprises; West Sussex farmers Jim Harrison, John Singleton from Hantpshire and Cornish milk producer Rex Ward.

Milk Marque decided to split after the government told it to change its structure. That followed a damning report by the Monopolies and Mergers Commission which accused Milk Marque of running a monopoly.

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