Ministers split over hunting-ban promises

14 July 1999

Ministers split over hunting-ban promises

THE government is under pressure from some of its own ministers to scrap its commitment to ban fox-hunting, reports the Financial Times.

It says that neither the home office or the ministry of agriculture are fully behind the ban. The newspaper also says that “some ministers are privately predicting it could be ditched”.

An unusual media alliance of The Sun, The Independent and The Guardianagainst a ban is also thought likely to play a part in the governments political calculation, according the Financial Times.

William Hague, the Conservative leader, added to the hunting debate observing the governments attack on foxhunting showed a “crazy sense of priorities,” as reported in The Daily Telegraph.

He said the government should be spending its time combating rural crime rather than pursuing a “Left-wing vendetta” against hunting.

The Guardian, in a more amusing observation on the hunting issue, sends a photographer to capture a “fox” pursuing the Conservative leader on the stump in the Cheshire election. The fox is a man dressed up in a theatrical suit.

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