Missing an opportunity in milk

26 June 2000

Missing an opportunity in milk

SO the DIF is having meetings with the NFU to see how to deal with FFA demos (DIF backs union stand on FFA, FWi, 09 June, 2000).

Why, are they afraid the supermarkets are starting to get the message?

Could it be that although the NFU could not see a good advertising opportunity if it fell on it ,the supermarkets will.

If they are offered milk labelled that it was supplied by farmer-owned co-ops and used this to tell consumers that they were supporting British farmers and helping to save the countryside by giving them a better deal, at no extra cost to them and with all the spin-off advertising ,like “we know every farmer who supplies our milk” etc, the big dairies could see a lot of trade going away from them and all these take-overs to gain control of the dairy market could backfire on them.

MW Fisher

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