Mixed results in Herefordshire

22 August 2001

Mixed results in Herefordshire

PHILIP GORRINGE, who farms with his father Adrian at Blakemere, west of Hereford, has had mixed results from barley and ryegrass, of which most is grown for seed.

Heligan winter barley has yielded 8.6t/ha (3.5t/acre), “Im well pleased with this, but there was not enough area. Later drilled Heligan was a disaster, suffering from bad flooding.”

Conversely, March-drilled Vertige has yielded 7.4t/ha (3t/acre).

“Pict 6-row barley has shown promise and under the circumstances we are pleased. It had a bushel of 66-68Kg/hl, which is good for a 6-row.”

They have been combining ryegrass for seed and still have 28ha (70 acres) to do. Results from these crops are mixed, combining up to 30% moisture.

Summing up harvest he says, “Factors affecting yield have been outside variety, which makes it more difficult to make next years choices.

He says they are not late for the time of year, and wheat and peas are very nearly ready

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