Mobile farrower for restricted units

27 July 2001

Mobile farrower for restricted units

A PORTABLE farrowing unit for pig producers requiring emergency accommodation due to foot-and-mouth movement restrictions is available from AM Warkup.

Each naturally-ventilated unit contains two galvanised farrowing crates and the necessary plumbing and electrical equipment, says the company.

Two or four units can be joined together by a separate, central passage floor and roof section to form accommodation, with a door at each end, for four or eight sows.

When the building needs to be re-sited, the passage floor and roof sections are removed, allowing each unit to be moved by a fork-lift.

The fully-insulated building shell is said to have washable interior surfaces, while in areas of heavy wear the floor is protected by conveyor belting.

Manure removal is carried out manually, but the bulk of the urine is taken away by channels running either side of the central passage. Prices start from £1125/sow place (01262-468666, fax 01262-468656).

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