Modern museum a real treat

20 March 1998

Modern museum a real treat

A LIFETIME of learning is what is recommended these days and Cheshire FWC, ably led by contact leader Hilda Meredith, showed the way by booking a tour of the Grosvenor Museum in Chester. We were only there for a couple of hours, but I could have stayed all day and still plan to go back for more.

We learned much from the Roman exhibition. The tombstones were particularly interesting as an explanation of the writing and figures is given.

There is the new technology to help you with any queries by way of touch-sensitive computer screens. Frances Jones and I spent quite a while in the special wildlife exhibition playing with the computer information. I now know what a reed warbler sounds like – museums are so much more exciting than when I was a child.

Moving on, we visited the Mayors Parlour in the Kings Arms kitchen where some of the members were able to rest for a while sitting in the mayors

seat. JH

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