Molassed tubs for ruminant energy

31 March 2000

Molassed tubs for ruminant energy

IMPROVE cattle and sheep performance this spring with Rumevite Easitub blocks, says manufacturer Rumenco.

The new range of molassed tubs are said to provide four different energy sources. Easitub Energy contains glucose, molasses, maize starch and palm oil which give animals a consistent energy supply, says Rumenco.

Where additional protein is required, Easitub Protein and Energy contains a balance of three proteins from non-urea sources which are ideal for supplementing all forage types and livestock requiring extra protein, according to the company.

Easitub Energy costs £17.70/35kg tub and Easitub Protein and Energy costs £18.55/35kg tub (01283-511211, fax 01283-511013).

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