More boom strength without weight rise

9 January 1998

More boom strength without weight rise

By Mike Williams

A SPECIALLY designed aluminium extrusion is used to combine extra strength with low weight, in the new TR4 series sprayer booms from Suffolk based Landquip.

The new extrusion has an L-shaped cross section with the two arms of the "L" joined by a convex curve. Used for the two bottom rails of Landquips Alu-Light TR4 boom, it is claimed to be up to 40% stronger than standard aluminium boom rails, without a rise in weight.

TR4 booms are the intermediate models in the Alu-Light range, heavier and stronger than the lightweight LX series, but offering a significant weight saving with almost the same strength as the heavy duty LR booms.

Richard Abbott, managing director of Landquip, says the weight saving is important, particularly on demount sprayers. It can help to cut soil compaction or allow a bigger tank capacity to be used.

"Demountable sprayers are becoming much more popular, particularly on the JCB Fastrac," he explains. "Saving weight is important because some sprayers bring the gross weight of the tractor up to or even above the limit for the tyres.

Better shape

"The combination of strength and light weight made possible by the new extrusion used on the TR4 boom will probably attract some customers from our heavy duty LR range. Boom shape is also better for working with the sleeve of an air assisted spray system."

Weights for Landquip 24m Alu-Light booms, including the back frame and carriage, are 320kg for the lightweight LX and 495kg for the heavy duty LR, and the new TR4 boom is between the two at 410kg. Prices for a Landquip 24m demount sprayer with a 2000-litre tank are £23,020 with the TR4 and LR boom, and £21,620 with the LX lightweight boom.

TR4 series booms come in 18m, 20m and 24m sizes, all based on a standard 12m centre section, making it easier to extend the width if needed. They are available on new Landquip sprayers and also for retro-fitting to any existing sprayers.

Landquip is also offering the new Pozi-Flow recirculation system as an option on new sprayers. This maintains a constant back pressure to avoid delays caused by purging the lines, and also includes an on/off switching system operating on each nozzle individually with a two millisecond working time.

Fastest system

This is the fastest on/off system available, the company claims, reducing the risk of spray liquid dribbling out of the nozzles.

The Pozi-Flow is also claimed to give a positive switching action with the turbo type nozzles which operate at high pressures to draw air into the droplets.

Pozi-Flow needs a pressurised air supply and can work off a tractor air braking system, but a separate compressor is required for tractors which do not have air brakes. Prices start at £490 as a factory fit option, and Pozi-Flow is also available for retro-fitting.

Another addition to the Landquip range is the Lechler ID flat jet nozzles from Germany.

These are the air intake type with holes in the nozzle body to suck air into the pressurised flow of spray liquid, producing droplets claimed to achieve improved plant cover and reduced drift. &#42

A special aluminium extrusion provides more strength for Landquip sprayer booms, but not at the expense of extra weight, says the company.

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