Moving images of your own stock

3 August 2001

Moving images of your own stock

FARMERS can use the latest moving imagery to help them market their livestock as videos or CDs.

Digital Viewing, a company based in Sevenoaks, Kent, which specialises in making mini movies, has launched a new service for livestock farmers.

According to the companys owner Christopher Smith, the facility offers farmers affordable CDs or videos of their animals. "We edit the footage down to small shots and moving images, so you can get a sequence of the herd or individual animals."

He says that a variety of shots can be arranged. He has already taken mini movies for sheep and a prize bull.

In this instance, the footage would include a full frontal of the bull and a moving portrait with title and pedigree superimposed, a visual of subject paraded in ring or paddock and loose in field, followed by a close up of head and hooves.

The same can be done for groups of stock, with a sample cost for filming 100 Romney ewes in 10 batches, compiled into a 30 minute movie with material, titles and 50 CD copies, costing about £600.

More information of the service can be found on the companys web-site (www.digitalview &#42

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