National Farmland Auction Monitor

15 August 1997

National Farmland Auction Monitor

CAMBRIDGESHIRE (238.20 acres).

Causeway Lodge Farm, Thorney, Nr Peterborough. Fenland farm. Mainly grade 2 arable land with some modern farm buildings. £840,000 (3526/acre) (Grounds & Co)

CUMBRIA (147 acres).

King Hill, Walton, Nr Brampton. Stock farm. Farmhouse, modern andtraditional farm buildings within a ring fence. £385,000 (2619/acre) (Harrison & Hetherington)

DEVON (200 acres).

The Grattons, Littlehempston, Nr Totnes. Mixed farm. House (6-bed), modern and traditional farm buildings and IACS land 81 acres. £660,000 (3300/acre). (Rendells)

GLOUCESTERSHIRE (38.92 acres).

Land at Murrells End Farm, Redmarley, Nr Gloucester. Accommodation land within a ring fence. Lot 1: 28.20 acres. £82,000 (2907/acre). Lot 2: 11.98 acres £30,000 (£2504/acre). (David A Thompson)

HUMBERSIDE (75 acres).

Land near Brigg. Grade 1 and 2 arable land with a small range of traditional farm buildings. £265,000 (£3539/acre). (Dickinson, Davy & Markham)

LINCOLNSHIRE (87.06 acres).

Land at Morton Fen, Nr Bourne, Grade 2 arable land. £260,000 (£2986/acre). (Stephen Knipe & Co)


Land at Hinton in the Hedges, Nr Brackley. Lot 1: Arable land with road frontage 49 acres. £125,000 (£2551/acre). Lot 2: 95 acres. £230,000 (£2421/acre) Lot 3: Land at Evenley, Nr Brackley. Arable land currently down to set aside with road frontage 27 acres. £89,000 (£3296/acre). (Clayson-Haselwood)

OXFORDSHIRE (35 acres).

Land at Sibford Ferris, Hook Norton, Nr Banbury. Arable land 30 acres and permanent pasture 5 acres. £167,000 (£4771/acre). (Clayson-Haselwood)

SHROPSHIRE (31 acres).

Land at Wagbeach, Minsterley, Nr Shrewsbury. Accommodation land. £68,000 (£2200/acre). (Halls)

SHROPSHIRE (215 acres).

Middleton Hall Farm, Mixed farm. Farmhouse (4-bed), modern farmbuildings including 20,000 sq ft, traditional farm buildings and arable land 101 acres within a LFA. £600,000 (£2791/acre). (Halls)

SHROPSHIRE (245.74 acres)

Poulton Farm, Minsterley, Nr Shrewsbury. Dairy and arable farm. Lot 1: Farmhouse and farm buildings in need of renovation, milk quota 265,983 litres and 112.79 acres including 55 acres. £501,000 (£4442/acre). Lot 2: Grade 3 land 133 acres sold in four lots. (3000/acre). (Berry Bros & Holmes)

SOMERSET (48.70 acres).

Land at Chilthorne Domer, Nr Yeovil. Pasture, soil type medium loam, with mains water supply. Sold subject to a traditional agricultural tenancy with a rental of £3530/year. £70,000 (£1437/acre). (R B Taylor & Sons)

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