New export barley guide is launched

31 July 1998

New export barley guide is launched

A NEW guide to export barley has been launched by British Cereal Exports, highlighting the most suitable varieties and markets.

Premium branded beers, notably in Europe, require specific varieties approved by the Institute of Brewing which have a National Institute of Agricultural Botany rating of nine.

These account for the bulk of malting barley exports. Most brewers favour spring varieties Chariot and Optic, though winter types Halcyon and Pipkin also figure.

New and expanding markets, including China, Eastern Europe and South America, want winter and spring varieties which malt and brew without problems. These include Regina, Gleam and Melanie.

BCE estimates 150,000t of malting barley was exported in 1997/98, worth about £15m.

Feed barley exports to European and Third Country markets accounted for a further 125m tonnes of exports, worth £100m. &#42

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