New product cuts water loss from arid soils

25 March 1998

New product cuts water loss from arid soils

SCIENTISTS at Nestlés research centre in Switzerland have come up with a new product that could revolutionise agriculture in the worlds arid zones, reports the Financial Times.

Guilford Development, based in Geneva, has bought the patent for the new product that sharply reduces water evaporation from deserts. It hopes to market it as Guilspare late this year after trials in Oman.

Early trials show it can cut water evaporation from the soil by 75%, halving the total amount of water needed to produce crops. It could save farmers millions of dollars in the Arabian peninsula alone.

It could also be beneficial to South Africa, Australia and California, where over-irrigation is causing salt to build up.

Guilford Development can be contacted at

  • Financial Times 25/03/98 page 26

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