Newcomers in top 10

21 August 1998

Newcomers in top 10

SEVERAL new bulls head the latest list of top ten pedigree Charolais sires ranked according to estimated breeding value (EBV) for beef.

According to breed society chief executive David Benson the figures includes changes to economic weightings – placing greater emphasis on confirmation rather than growth traits to calculate beef value – introduced following last years list. All bulls have sired over 20 calves in the last two years.

Young bull Claybury Leadman, with a beef value of 69, heads the list, having been near the top ten in previous years, says Mr Benson.

Other young bulls making their debut include a cluster of sires from the Yorks-based Givendale herd. Givendale Gascon, Javelin and Josh make a first appearance – their progress eased by the supply of detailed breeders progeny records.

Only two sires remain from last year: Brampton Chopper, with four sons in the top 10, and Friarton Ensign with one son in the top 10. Popular with breeders, both have good weight recordings, but better genetic potential of young bulls will move them down the rank in future years.

"The new listings – looking at carcass traits – are more meaningful for todays market, but Id remind producers they need to consider calving value when making decisions about which sire to use," adds Mr Benson.

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