NFU and FUW merger talks break down

09 March 1998

NFU and FUW merger talks break down

By FWi staff

PROPOSED merger talks between the National Farmers Union and the Farmers Union of Wales (FUW) will not go ahead because of the FUWs decision not to take part.

The FUWs grand council voted last week not to participate in the merger discussions, arguing that a single union would be dominated by London.

Bob Parry, FUW president, said the NFUs policies are formulated in London and acted upon in Wales. He said the council felt that the NFU would not shift from this position and therefore the FUW saw no point in entering into the talks.

“The FUW is the only independent union serving the interests of farmers in Wales. We value our independence. It is the founding principal of the FUW, and still holds true today, 43 years after the unions formation,” Mr Parry said.

“Agriculture in Wales has its own unique problems, and needs a strong voice to speak on its behalf. The FUW is the union best placed to act on its behalf and provide that strong voice,” he said.

The proposal to unite both two unions was put forward by John Davies, chairman of the Wales Federation of Young Farmers Clubs. He had been given a better-than-evens chance of success because of his independence from both parties.

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