NFU EUaims revealed

4 June 1999

NFU EUaims revealed

EUROPEAN policy makers should take a more long-term and strategic approach to CAP reform, and EU animal welfare standards should be harmonised to eliminate competitive distortion.

These are just two of the points listed by the NFU in its policy statement aimed at candidates in next weeks European Parliament election.

The union also calls for consistency in the EU in procedures and legislation, a strengthening of rural development measures and the maintenance of high environmental standards.

And it calls for "constructive dialogue" on Britains entry into the single currency.

The Country Landowners Association has also issued its wishlist.

It has called for the establishment of an all-party rural group which, it says, should be involved in the implementation of decisions at a local level and develop into a source of policy advice and ideas.

Euro-MPs should also press government to ensure that any decisions made on Economic and Monetary Union safeguard the competitive position for UK agriculture in domestic, EU and world markets, it says.

The increasing importance of the European parliament made it more important that voters made certain that their representatives had a real understanding of the UKs rural constituency. &#42

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