NFU Mutual gives unions extra 1m

8 September 2000

NFU Mutual gives unions extra 1m

By Fwi staff

THE NFU Mutual is to give UK farmers unions an extra 1 million to help pay for extra work they are doing through the farm crisis.

The insurance giant announced on Friday (08 Sep) that it is increasing its annual contribution by 500,000 for 2000 and 2001.

This will be divided between the National Farmers Union, the National Farmers Union Wales, the National Farmers Union of Scotland and the Ulster Farmers Union.

The money comes on top of its regular 3 million per annum donation and an estimated 30 million it pays each year in commission to NFU secretaries who use it to pay for staff and the running costs of local NFU offices.

NFU president Ben Gill said: The NFUs relationship with the NFU Mutual was established over 80 years ago and during that period the Mutual have been steadfast.

I particularly appreciate this extra help during such a tough time for the industry.

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