NFU reminds political parties ‘Why farming matters’

The NFU will be reminding politicians of the vital role of agriculture to society during the party conference season.

The union has launched the latest in its Why Farming Matters series ahead of the Lib-Dem party conference in Liverpool which starts on Sunday (19 Sep).
Launching the document, The Recovery: Why Farming Matters, NFU president Peter Kendall said: “This is more than just a feel good story about farming in the 21st century.

“It’s a reminder to politicians of all parties that Britain’s farms are at the heart of the challenges this country faces, not least the need for economic recovery.  

Mr Kendall said the document was a reminder that farmers were a crucial part of a food and drink manufacturing sector that contributes £23bn to the economy.

“We’re talking about a rural economy that turns over some £300bn a year and employs 5.5 million people – and farming’s at the centre of that economy. We’re talking about a sector which doesn’t only feed our population, but can help fuel our cars and power the national grid.

“And, not forgetting the environment, we’re talking about over 6 million hectares of land under active environmental management, with farmers across England and Wales playing their part to maintain our landscapes, protect our water resources and enhance our biodiversity.”

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